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Being a concept artist is rewarding in that frequently you get to see what you've ideated and drawn turned into game asset, or on occasion, a real-life object. I've had the pleasure of working on a few sets for movies years back and was pretty blown away when I stood on something that I came up with. But,

Never had something I've concepted made out of legos, check it out:

Jacob Unterreiner - Seriously cool work man!!
... for something I did about 6 years ago :P

I'm happy to have the traffic though, welcome! Have a look around!
  • Listening to: Die Antwoord
  • Listening to: Die Antwoord
Well with last night's uploads complete, more or less all of my older artwork has been uploaded. This means that anything digital from here on out that I post will most likely be completely new work, which I'm excited about. Though I might also upload a bunch of pics of my Bonsai trees or some of the pots i've made for them. We'll see.

Its nice to have all my work in one place, and easily viewable. I'm also planning on revamping my website sometime in the future, but I might wait on that so I can put more creative energy into making new pieces. As I think I mentioned before I'm currently working a few bits, an hopefully once the new year rolls around I'll have some new stuff to post.  

For the new few days, however, I'll be out of civilization, in a cabin in the wilderness.  I'm happy that i had the foresight to bring my oils home for the holidays, so I'm looking forward to doing a few oil paintings while i'm up there, when I'm not chopping wood or getting wasted.  I'll have time to think, time to read some of the art books I got for christmas, and time to paint before the new year happens and I lose myself to being hammered.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful new year's as well. Happy holidays, thanks for watchin' and keep art-ing!
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Now that the DD excitement has died down, i've been working on some sketches and similar outside of work. Unfortunately a lot of it I'm not happy with and probably won't put on here. However, after tomorrow i'll be on Christmas break for a goood looong time.  With the exception of about a week or so I should be sitting at home bored and will thus likely be able to get a buncha work done, so long as videogames don't distract me (fingers crossed!) Not exactly sure what, but likely more women, and perhaps Women Villains! If you've paroused my gallery you might notice a lot of portraits that happen to be of delightful, memorable villians from some of my favorite movies. I've gotten a few comments about how they're all dudes ... well there aren't too many female antagonists of unique craziness. That said, I've got a few in mind that I'd like to do. Perhaps another self-portrait as well at some point, its been years since I've done that.  Additionally, I've got another wood firing coming up in February, I think, so I've gotta do a buncha work for that, though I'm not sure its going to be completely sculptural.

Additionally during the new year I'm going to be at MAG Fest, doing a panel one of the nights on portfolio review and getting into the videogame industry with some coworkers.

In other news the next few days I'm going to be wrapping up the adding old work to the gallery here. I don't know what I haven't been doing this all along, but hey, better late than never. Hum. Maybe I'll re-do my website over the break, it definitely needs an update.  Kinda want to draw more though. Whatever. I've got a few more things to add, but afterwards, It'll be all new, fresh work.
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My Ceramic piece 'Covet' was just today featured as a 'Daily Deviation!' and i was stunned to see a good amount of attention suddenly paid to my page! I suppose this means I should probably get around to finish my artist statement for the ceramic pieces that I did about a year ago.  They embody a lot of personal significance and importance, and i consider them pivotal in my development as an artist. It is sort of the first time I've felt as though I could ever express what I find impossible to say with words, and as such I'm just not sure how to write a statement, as I feel they speak for themselves.

Suddenly convinced to do more work outside of work.
So in the next few days as I get the time I'm going to be adding some of my older work from the past year and re-organizing it. I'll have the newer stuff left in the featured parts of the gallery and whatnot, but I'd recommend having a look through some of my older folders.
So its come to my attention that to be an artist, as with anything, you must devote yourself and put time and effort into it.  I've been somewhat inactive these past two years, relying solely on work to provide a method of growth, and for the most part otherwise slacking off.  No longer!

I must become good at drawing women. I must become good all around, and the path to do that is to draw at least 2 hours a day from here on out.
i suppose i should finally get around to updating this, its been about  ... 6 years since my last post. I'll clean out the old shit and put in some new work or something why not.

Snowin' hard out ... no one's gonna read this anytime soon whooo caressss