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Troy Burning by zombat Troy Burning by zombat
My final Senior Year project was to illustrate scenes from a fictional game I thought up based off of the Odyssey. The Game was a retelling of the Odyssey, only in Space. Instead of Triremes, the Greeks travelled across space in similarly shaped spaceships. The game would start as a RTS, move to a RPG, and end up finally as a Shooter, as the greek fleet shrunk from a bunch of ships, to Odysseus's ship, to Odysseus alone.


Troy Burning
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As troy lay in ruins, Apollo Corp's massive planetary defence ring broken, the Ithacans recieved two messages. The first was from Athena Interstellar, the company that had produced the Ithacan Battlefleet, congratulating the victors on their recent, significant acquisition. Their delight at the victory made sense considering part of the contract for the production of the fleet was a sizable portion of the profits.
The second message was from Posideon Enterprises, who had been against the invasion from the beginning, because of their heavy investments in Troy's exports and companies. It was simple; all Ithacan warships must pay a premium to use the warp gates after their campaign, as reparations for the sizable damage they did towards Posideon Enterprise's investments. This was non-negotiable, and it certainly put a damper on the mood. Commander Odysseus in particular was not very fond of this tithe, and when the time came to leave, the warp gates did not open for the commander and those beneath him. He would have to make the journey home using the ship's vestigial hyperdrive system.

Notes: Posideon Enterprises is an extremely large corporation that most notably controls the Warp Gate system that connects most of the galaxy. By comparison to standard hyperdrive, a single warp jump can transport just about any ship ten times as far in half the time. As a result, few people use hyperdrive, which requires tedious calculations in between jumps, accounting for the time difference. The monopoly on the Warp Gates gives them almost exclusive control over the interstellar market. As such, the incredibly wealthy company has many subsidaries, from Mining (raw materials) to the production of warp gates and the exploration of the galaxy. It is argued that if it were not for stringent laws and enforcement, Posideon Enterprises would almost have total control of the galaxy.

Next in the series: [link]

The notion here was that Troy was a planet, and the 'Wall' of try was a ring that was in orbit around the planet, riddled with weapons and the like which made the planet's defenses extremely effective. I had thought of a logical explanation for the 'Trojan Horse' but I lost the text file. Ah well.

more info:
Poseidon Enterprises - Large interstellar corporation with a monopoly on interstellar travel routes/warpgates/etc. Basically, any trip you make you have to book through Poseidon Enterprises. Poseidon Enterprises has multiple subsidiary companies, like PhemusCorp, and Troy. Primarily responsible for the discovery of new planets, jump routes, and the construction of interstellar Warp Gates.

Poseidon's Grudge against Odysseus - Poseidon Enterprises had a significant investment in Troy, and was understandably upset about its destruction. Demanding reparations for its lost asset from the fleet of Ithacans, Odysseus and his battle group refuse to pay, spurning Poseidon Enterprises, who take offense and refuse Odysseus the use of their warp gates, which would make the return trip quick and painless. As a result they have to make several hundred jumps across space over old, outdated charts to get back to ithaca. Had they not pissed off Poseidon, they would have had updated charts if they didn't want to take the warp gate system, and it would have been easier and less perilous. In addition, Odysseus's ships have been marked by Poseidon Enterprises and any company ship is ordered to attack Odysseus's ships if they come within range.
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Lunatik-Raven Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Awesome. The game concept is really interesting too! (Ow! and the lights on the planet are so Coruscant-like.)
zombat Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I realized halfway through working on the project that coming up with the idea was half the fun. 
AvianTech Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
Fantastic Painting
neonninja Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
Amazing :)
Reminds me of EVE online, backstory element wise, and Halo art wise. :)
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